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V Season 1 Episode 3: A Bright New Day

vnewThis week, V steps things up from the snail’s pace of last week’s episode, revealing more secrets and plot points regarding the Visitors.  The resistance and its varying factions converge to help rebuild the Fifth Column, which is not a ‘70s singing group, but rather the name for the band of traitorous, human-sympathizer V’s.   Ryan goes off in search of an old friend named Cyrus in hope of getting him to help rebuild the Fifth Column with him.  Ryan finds out that Cyrus had done yet another 180 and is now turning V traitors in to Anna in an attempt to get back in her good graces and score some of the sweet substance known as “The Bliss” which all good Vs get.  Ryan manages to avoid being turned in and reduces Cyrus to a pile of ash, leaving the V’s called to the scene to find a cryptic message on the wall: “John May lives.” 

Another Fifth Column leader by the name of Georgie (don’t you dare call him “George”), has found himself tracked by Father Jack and doesn’t take too kindly to it.  Father Jack eventually gets Georgie to come around and join with the human resistance to create a united front against the V’s. 

Speaking of the Fifth Column, unfortunately for Dale Maddox, he is brought back to life by a V healer only to be put back down for a dirt nap again after giving the healer valuable information.  After Dale remembers that it was Erica who had busted his human face wide open and saw his true face, the healer (actually a member of the Fifth Column) finds out that he has a new ally and sends Maddox off to green-blooded heaven with a syringe. 

Erica, however, has been assigned to keep the peace and ward off an attack by a would-be attempt on Marcus (Anna’s head minion/assistant)’s life at an event celebrating the V’s getting their Visas, enabling them to go anywhere they want. Erica thwarts the assassin, but it turns out that (unbeknownst to her, or anyone else), the “assassin” was a plant as part of a plan to elicit sympathy for the V’s and further Anna’s agenda of getting humans to trust them. After subduing the “attacker,” Anna stumbles upon the V’s technology room with a seemingly endless array of screens.  She also finds out that these screens receive their information by miniature cameras built into the V’s uniform jackets… Just like the one that her son Tyler has at home!  Dun-dun-DUN!

Anna, it turns out, has had an elaborate plan to keep the V’s in the public eye.  She even goes so far as to practice looking concerned, caring and offering her “heartfelt” condolences to the widow of a serviceman who died when the V’s landed.  The widow, Mary Faulkner, had previously been at the forefront of the anti-V movement and was to speak at the V’s Visa Fest, but had been persuaded otherwise by Anna’s feigned kindness that the V’s are all sweetness and light.  Anna’s mission to snow humanity continues to run on course!

Perhaps the biggest phase of Anna’s plan includes Erica’s son, Tyler. Still hot for Youth Ambassador Lisa, Tyler ends up getting back in her good graces and is allowed back. Lisa decides to tell him the happy news over pizza and heads back to Casa de Erica, sporting their matching V Youth Ambassador Letterman Jackets.  Erica arrives home after a hard day of V wrangling and Tyler and Lisa ditch their jackets, and most of their clothes, leaving Erica to believe they were just about to get busy… Because that would be preferable to having her find out that her son is a V Youth Ambassador.

Lisa’s role in Anna’s master plan is revealed at the very end of the episode when Lisa informs Lisa informs Anna that she believes Tyler is “the one.” She also calls her “mother” and Anna tells her daughter (Yes! Daughter!) that she’s done very well.  Looks like Tyler might not lose his “V-card” to Lisa after all, just probably end up fertilizing a colony of human/V-hybrid eggs.  Poor, dopey kid!

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