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V Season 1 Episode 4: It’s Only the Beginning

normal_begin8The last episode until March of 2010, V kept up the pace of last week’s episode and kept left viewers with some genuine cliffhangers that they’ll have to wait a solid four months to see ironed out. 

The fledgling V resistance is still hanging out from last week, engaging in their mistrust-apalooza while trying to figure out a way to allow the general public to know what’s going on. Georgie expresses the desire to capture a V and skin one alive to show people what they really are.  Ryan objects to this and instead gives Erica, Father Jack, and Georgie the names of some V’s who were planted in prominent positions.  Most of them were dead with the exception of a scientist named Combs. Erica quizzes Ryan as to how he got this info and he remains quiet.

In the wake of last week’s ending, Anna’s hopping mad that the V’s installed agent Dale Maddox was murdered right aboard her ship.  Realizing that they could have debriefed them and gotten valuable information as to who and what were aware of the V’s true nature, she calls for the guilty party responsible to step forward.  The medical team is lined up (in “V” formation, no less).  When no one steps forward, she says she will single out one person – guilty or innocent – to take the fall for Dale’s death and they will be punished as she sees fit. Joshua, the Lead Medical officer (and the one who offed Dale to begin with last week) has to carry out the sentence, which is to skin the V alive. Just as Joshua is about to step forward himself, his extra-pretty male medical companion steps forward, issuing forth a hearty “Long live the Fifth Column.”

Pretty V Medical Officer tells Joshua on the skinning table that he sacrificed himself so that Joshua could remain one of Anna’s closest advisors. Joshua gave him a sedative to lessen, but can still hardly bring himself to do it to his friend.  He does, however, but we don’t get to see any of the gruesome action.

Meanwhile, Tyler soon finds himself aboard the V ship after Lisa wants to take him to meet her mother.  However, that’s not before Tyler attempts to tell Mama Erica about how he’s super-smitten with Lisa and have a mother-son chat about the girl she found half naked in his room.  Tyler gets all (justifiably) emo when Erica refuses to stop doing her research online and listen to him.  She finally puts the work away and attempts to listen attentively to Tyler when she receives an urgent phone call from Ryan who wants to speak with her.    

She meets up with and finds out that Ryan is really a V after he corners Combs, the V scientist who is now trying to kill her, knowing Erica’s hot on his trail.  After popping a cyanide capsule, Combs dies and turns into a pile of ash, the way V’s are neatly prone to do. Ryan then tells Erica the truth and also fills her in on the Fifth Column.

Meanwhile, the V’s favorite television journalist, Chad Decker tours a V healing facility after Anna makes an announcement that the V’s are releasing a Super Vaccine to the public.  This is all too coincidental since Ryan’s fiancé, Valerie, has been feeling craptacular.  Even more coincidentally, she’s Tyler’s shrink and learns that Tyler’s tight with the V’s as he expresses his emo-ness that Mama Erica doesn’t approve of his affinity for the Visitors.  He also tells Valerie he can get her an appointment on the V healing centers.  Score! 

Aboard the V ship, all sorts of revelations occur: Valerie’s scan reveals she has some minor, treatable malady akin to a flu bug, however, her scans reveal something else: she’s pregnant.  Instead of telling Ryan that she discovered this aboard a V healing facility, she whips out a pregnancy test to show Ryan that they’re expecting.  Wonder if the blue First Response positive turned green instead?  Ryan gives her a hug although his face plainly says “Uh-oh,” in more ways than any single dude facing an unplanned alien pregnancy ever could. (Anyone who saw the original V series could have seen this one coming a mile away.  Morris Chestnut is the new Robert Englund.  Wow, that sounds weird.)

Tyler is introduced to Lisa’s mom, Anna.  Prior to their meeting, Lisa and Anna reinforce that Tyler is “the one,” whatever that means.  To butter up Tyler for whatever they have planned, Anna shows Tyler this Super Neat-O V Machine that does all sorts of cool things like put on a Pink Floyd-esque light show.  She also tells him he’s the first human to see this machine.  Suddenly, Anna is the Awesome Mom he never had in Erica.

Speaking of Erica, she sees an IM conversation on the computer screen that Tyler left up, with him talking about how he’s stoked to see the V mother ship.  (Really. Who does that?!  Anyone with something to hide from their parents makes sure they close out any potentially incriminating screens and deletes their browsing history.  DUH!  All this sloppiness and Tyler is somehow “The One”? I already called the Ryan/Valerie/alien baby pregnancy.  I call that next ep, Tyler changes his screen name to TheOne.)

Also aboard the V ship, Chad Decker is told by the medical staff that he has a vascular artery disorder that will cause him to have a massive brain aneurism and kill him.  When Decker proves skeptical, they relay his entire medical history to him to prove the accuracy of their scans.  The V’s tell Decker they can cure him if they allow them to. 

This may prove to have its pitfalls since the V’s medicine comes with a price.  Father Jack, Erica, Georgie (who gets shot in the process, but is patched up by Father Jack), and Ryan break into the lab that Combs was working out of.  It’s packed with dead, mutated human subjects and crates of this drug called R6.  This could be what is being unleashed with the V Super Serum to cure everyone on the planet.  However, this R6 is being mixed into the human’s flu vaccine which is shipping out the next day. In a nice nod to the H1N1 vaccine, the V’s are banking on humankind’s predictability to overmedicate and attempt to prevent illness and are going to dose them with the R6.  Perhaps they should put it in antibacterial hand sanitizer.

To avert certain catastrophe and a worldwide, V-flavored pandemic, the team blows up the lab and all of the R6, except one vial to be used as proof.  Ryan corroborates that this won’t really make Anna angry, just temporarily halt her plans.  However, he does know what will make her mad: scrawling “John May Lives” where she can see it.  It works and Anna’s even angrier than she was when she ordered My Pretty Medic skinned.  (Although no one knows exactly who or what John May represents, I’m going to throw in a bit of speculation that somehow, his name has something to do with the Fifth Column, with May being the fifth month.)

In the cliffhanger ending of the episode, Father Jack gets stabbed in his church by a sobbing patron who “needs to talk,” but is really the security guard who had been guarding the R6 facility.  Looks like Father Jack will be laying in a pool of his own blood until March 2010. 

Meanwhile, Anna has recovered from her anger enough to trot into her control room, wearing nothing but a sparkly white sheet and enter a meditative state, replete with twinkling lights to give the V’s the gift of “The Bliss,” her own message of peace, love, and harmony as the episode closes out.

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